Thursday, October 24, 2013

To pavement for charity!

Fundraising for OXFAM

On November 3rd, I will be running the ING New York City Marathon as a charity runner for OXFAM America. This means that while I train to complete the marathon, I will also be campaigning to raise funds for this charity organization.

Why run a marathon?
I am an avid runner to begin with. Running helps me relax and I enjoy the overall feeling of being outdoors. One always discover new things and places when running which in turn leads to a better understanding and appreciation of life in general. Although I run mostly on trails now, I still look at the 26.2-mile marathon distance as a baseline to test one's endurance and speed in long-distance running.

Why raise funds for OXFAM?
My last work in the field of community development was with a partner organization of OXFAM in the Philippines in the mid-1990's. OXFAM was a significant source of funding for our organization that mainly do projects on coastal resources management like coral reef preservation.

1999 with OXFAM president, Raymond C. Offenheiser (2nd from L)
and me at their Boston office.
In fact, my first trip to the US was in Boston where I visited OXFAM America's office to lobby for continued funding of our projects. So, I know first hand the effectiveness of OXFAM's work on the ground level. In the same respect, this effort to raise fund for OXFAM is my own little way of extending my gratitude and recognition to their life-saving work around the world.

What is OXFAM?
Founded in 1942, OXFAM is a humanitarian organization working in 90 different countries whose mission is to create lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice. Their work includes community finance, private sector involvement, disaster relief aid, clean water access, and gender equality among many others. Some of OXFAM's celebrity ambassadors are Scarlett Johansson, Anquan Boldin, Crowded House, and Coldplay. Click here to learn more about OXFAM:

How to donate?
Click on the image below, click the word DONATE, and follow the easy steps:
click here to DONATE

- OXFAM is highly rated by leading independent charity evaluators, including the American Institute of Philanthropy & Charity Navigator.
- 100% of your donation will go directly to OXFAM America 
-Your donation is tax deductible
-You can give as low as $10.00, comparable to the price of your expensive morning joe
- the 10% processing fee can be changed by clicking on the word itself then change it to zero dollar or any amount you want. 

10 things you need to know about OXFAM America

Thank you in advance for your support.

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