Saturday, October 8, 2011

No more excuses

Sorry blogger if we haven’t talked lately, uhm, OK, it’s been three months but believe me when I say that there are lots of stories I wanted to share but like always, time is the enemy. Between family, kids, work, past summer activities, and training, it’s been difficult to find time to spend with you especially now that the kids are back to school.

I know you would understand, you always did, and come to think of it the less time we spend together, the more time I get to do things that I am passionate about – those stories you like to hear. Not that I totally abandoned blogging, in fact, I’ve been reading many of my favorites, if only to amuse and inspire myself. It’s good to know by reading other people’s blog that I am not alone in this struggle to find a better meaning of life.

So, though we may have missed each other on many occasions, rest assured that I was busy - working hard to simplify my life, celebrating life’s every waking moment, advocating on issues close to my heart, and, of course, ever continuing to explore what nature has to offer by running the trails.

Okay, enough with the excuses, I’ve been bad and I owe one big apology to you, blogger, and more so, to myself for always falling short on projects I started. And of course, to the very few that valiantly subscribed to my blog, who I’m sure were mostly my relatives, ha, ha. Truth is, I’ve been sick the past week and the running downtime has opened free time to pick-up on old projects I’ve neglected like spring cleaning, organizing the cluttered garage, and, uhm, blogging ;)

I did a write-up on a recent ultra race that I did but didn’t finish it. When I opened the file, I didn’t realize a month has already passed since I started it. I’m not so sure now if I should post it since its too old a story. Talk about stale news - that is so "me". 

To recap some events that transpired since my last post - summer was busy compared to the previous years. Kids went to swimming class and cross-country. My little Gabu is now at the so-called “terrible two” stage where curiosity always gets the better of her. I trained throughout the season for an ultra trail event that was held August in a horrible triple digit temp. Lean, my eldest, did his first official short distance race, Filipinotown 5K, we both did it not just for the event but also in some way to connect with our roots and to represent - proud Pinoy! 

Lazy summer day
I also got hooked to dailymile where I spend more time than any other Internet sites lately. We had small trips in between but mainly stayed local except for a couple of times - in San Francisco where I introduced the kids to see the mural of Lean Alejandro; and to Vegas where we met some HS friends.

Summer is now gone and the kids are back to school. My eldest has transitioned to middle school, a big adjustment on a lot of things mainly on schoolwork approach and methodology. We’re still in the process of adjustment. As for me, I haven’t adjusted yet to the routine of dropping off the kids to two different schools every morning. No matter how early we head out the door, I always arrive late at work.

As a trail runner, I will miss summer for its long daylight hours. I enjoyed the many solo trail runs I did after work that took me sometimes as far as 18 mi and as late as 9 PM. With the change of season, it’s not safe anymore to run trails this late since it gets dark early past 6PM. So, I guess I’ll be home more early now. I'm running low on excuses now not to see you blogger but I’m getting the hang of it, hopefully this lasts long-er. I'll see you soon.

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